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Twitch Recap 2021: Why you haven’t got an email yet – HITC

Twitch Recap 2021: Why you haven’t got an email yet

15.12.2021 — Twitch is obviously free to send out the recaps in any format it likes, and if it wants users to sign up for marketing emails first, so be it.

As 2021 draws to an end, tech lovers are awaiting their 2021 recaps. Following apps such as Spotify and Apple Music, last year, Twitch

You won’t get a Twitch 2021 recap if you switched … – Engadget

24.12.2021 — How to receive Twitch Recap email. Log in to Twitch; Go to settings, then the Notifications tab; Under “By Email,” scroll to the bottom of the …

How to get your 2021 Twitch Recap – Dexerto

17.12.2021 — I haven’t had a Twitch Recap since they implemented it. Had marketing emails enabled, everything. Not life changing info but it’d be interesting to see.

Here’s how you can get your very own Twitch Recap for 2021, whether you are a streamer of a viewer, if you haven’t got it already.

I never got my Twitch Recap – Reddit

Reddit – Dive into anything

23.12.2021 — Go to the #StreamsRecap page. Log in to the Streams Charts under your Twitch account. Download your statistics. That’s it! No email verification …

296 votes, 66 comments. Yes, I had the notification email things. Yes, I had the marketing email option checked. Yes, I had it checked it before I …

How to Get and Check Your Twitch Recap 2021

Monthly recaps include a snapshot of chat participation, emotes used, time watched, progress to next sub badge, and more. No two recaps will be exactly alike, …

Monthly Recap

Customer Support

Look back on time well spent with the 2022 Annual Twitch Recap. … Twitch Recap into so you no longer need to search your inbox for an email.

Your Annual Twitch Recap

15.12.2021 — Then you’ll need to wait. There’s a chance you might not get a Recap for the year 2021. As it stands, Twitch Support suggests that if you did …

This Is Why You Didn’t Get A Twitch Recap – SlashGear

15.12.2021 — We’re seeing some confusion about the recap. In order to receive the Recap you had to opt-in for marketing emails prior to them being sent.

Social networks and media-serving platforms aplenty have participated in the “Recap” this year. The most popular of the bunch here at the tail end of…

Twitch Support on Twitter: “We’re seeing some confusion …

16.12.2021 — If your email is active and you still can’t find it, you can search “2021 Twitch recap” in your inbox, as it’s possible the message got lost …

Twitch Is Offering Year-End Recaps to All of Its Streamers and …

Here’s How You Can Get Your Twitch Recap As a Streamer or Viewer

Twitch is offering year-end recaps to streamers and viewers, and some are wondering why they haven’t gotten the recap via email yet.

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